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Introduction - If you are in Plan One, Plan Two, or the Medicare Supplemental Plan you will receive in the mail an NVA Vision Card and a provider directory. National Vision Administrators, Inc. is the administrator of your vision plan and as an innovative leader in the field, has designed the program with your convenience in mind. Its staff is composed of qualified professional administrative personnel who are available to assist you if needed.

Your Benefits - Each eligible partipant and their covered dependents are entitled to one vision examination, and one pair of glasses (lenses or frames) or contact lenses once every 24 months.

Vision Examination: A complete analysis of eyes and related structures.

Lenses: To correct vision problems - lenses may be plastic or impact resistant glass.

Frames: The plan offers a wide selection of frames; however, if you select a frame which costs more than the amount allowed by your plan, there will be an additional charge.

Contact Lenses: The plan will contribute an allowance of $110.00 including exam towards the purchase of contacts.

Contact Lenses: (Medically Necessary*) Will be considered for payment by NVA when an NVA Participating Provider secures prior authorization for the following conditions:

  1. Following cataract surgery.
  2. To correct extreme visual acuity problems that cannot be corrected to 20/70 with spectacle lenses.
  3. Anisometropia.
  4. Keratoconus.
*Maximum Allowance is Usual, Customary and Reasonable when medically necessary.

To Use The Plan - When making your appointment with an NVA Participating Provider, please notify them that your coverage is administered by NVA and Sponsored by Operating Engineers Local 66 Welfare Fund, Sponsor #1076. The provider will telephone NVA to verify your vision care eligibility.

At the time of your first appointment simply present your NVA Vision Care identification card. You do not need to obtain a vision claim form. The provider will inform you of your eligibility status prior to rendering services. To verify benefit eligibility, or for questions prior to scheduling your eye care appointment, you may wish to contact NVA’s Customer Service department at the following toll free number: 800-672-7723.

If you select a non-participating eye care provider you will be responsible for one hundred percent (100%) of the cost at the time of service. Remember: obtaining vision care services from a non­participating provider will result in unnecessary out-of-pocket expense.You must simply submit a copy of the itemized receipt along with a note containing your name, Social Security number or a photocopy of your plastic identification card to NVA at the following address:

National Vision Administrators
P.O. Box 1981
East Hanover, NJ 07936-1981




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