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Weekly disability benefits will be payable only if an employee becomes disabled and unable to work because of a non-occupational accident or sickness, while covered under the Plan and the employee is:

  • Employed by an employer who is required to make contributions to the Welfare Fund on their behalf.
  • In receipt of State Unemployment Benefits and on the Local Union's Referral List immediately prior to the date of the employee disability.

Injuries or sickness sustained on the job or which are covered under Workers Compensation are not covered.

Benefits will begin as of the eighth day of disability and will be limited to a maximum of 26 weeks during any one period of disability. Weekly benefit payments will be paid at the rate of $325 per week.

Successive periods of disability separated by less than 150 hours of employment will be considered one continuous period of disability, unless they arise from different and unrelated causes. If the employee has a different and unrelated disability and returns to work for only one full day, they will be entitled to a new period of disability.

The employee does not have to be confined to their home to collect benefits, but they must be under the regular care and attendance of a legally qualified physician or surgeon. All periods of total disability must be certified by a legally qualified physician or a surgeon. Periods of treatment rendered by a chiropractor will not qualify for Weekly Disability Benefits

No disability will be considered as beginning prior to the first visit or treatment by a physician.

A disabled employee's Weekly Disability Benefits will terminate once the employee has exhausted his maximum benefit, or has been released by their doctor.

Notice of loss must be given to the Fund Office within 30 days from the date of the commencement of disability. Failure to give proper notice within the 30 days from the commencement date of disability may result in a delay in payment or loss of Weekly Disability Benefits.

Claims Payments - To receive Weekly Disability Benefits, a disabled employee must submit a completed claim form. The employee's attending physician (as specified above) must certify on this form that the employee was disabled and show the dates of all examinations and treatments.

The Trustees reserve the right to have any claimant for Weekly Disability Benefits referred to a physician of their choice for examination or re-examination. Failure to report to the Fund's physician within 48 hours after notice to do so, without a good excuse, may result in suspension of disability payments.

Employees receiving Unemployment Compensation, Workers Compensation, Supplemental Unemployment Benefits from an industry fund, or retirement benefits from an industry pension fund are not eligible for Weekly Disability Benefits.  




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