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A death benefit may be paid to your designated beneficiary if you are an active participant, a terminated vested participant or a pensioner.

However, if you are married your spouse may be eligible for a surviving spouse death benefit in lieu of the benefit payable to your designated beneficiary.

The following death benefits are payable upon deaths occurring on or after January 1, 1977:

  • The death benefit amount payable to the beneficiary of an active participant is equal to the total employer contributions made on the participant’s behalf, not less than $500.
  • The death benefit for a terminated vested participant is the product of the death benefit he would have been entitled to had he been an active employee, times the appropriate vesting percentage. For further information regarding vesting percentages please see the Summary Plan Description.
  • For a pensioner, the death benefit is the same as for an active employee or a terminated vested participant, but it is reduced by any retirement benefits paid to the pensioner and/or the contingent annuitant prior to death.

In the event of your death, your spouse and/or beneficiary should contact the Fund Office in order to learn if there are any available benefits.

SURVIVING SPOUSE ANNUITY:The surviving spouse of an active vested participant or the surviving spouse (who has been continuously married for at least one year) of a terminated vested participant who dies, is eligible to elect to receive a monthly pension for life in lieu of any death benefit otherwise payable to a designated beneficiary, subject to the following:

  • If participant was eligible for an immediate normal or early retirement, the surviving spouse’s pension will commence immediately.
  • If participant was not eligible for an immediate normal or early retirement benefit, the surviving spouse’s pension will commence on the date the participant would be eligible for immediate pension benefits.
  • The amount of the spouse’s monthly pension would be 50% of the benefit the participant would have received had he retired the day before his death and elected the joint and 50% survivor option.

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