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If you are an active member and become totally and permanently disabled after you have completed 10 years of credited service, you will be eligible for a disability retirement benefit.

Disability retirement benefits begin the first day of the calendar month following the date of total and permanent disability, provided you make application for and furnish medical proof of disability. It is understood that you may incur some delay in either obtaining the medical proof or the Disability Award under the Social Security Act. A good time to apply for disability pension is immediately upon learning that you are disabled or when you are making application for a Social Security Disability Award.

The monthly disability retirement benefit is calculated in the same manner as the normal retirement benefit. If you recover prior to age 65 and return to employment, your disability retirement benefit will cease with the payment made in the month of recovery.

Total and permanent disability must be established by written medical evidence satisfactory to the Board of Trustees. The Trustees may accept such proof from the member’s own physician or at their discretion require a medical examination by a physician of their choice. The Trustees may accept a Social Security Disability Award as proof of total and permanent disability.

If you retire on an early retirement benefit and subsequently become disabled, you will not be eligible to receive a disability retirement benefit and shall continue to receive an early retirement benefit.

Important note. The rules for Operating Engineers Local 66 Disability Pension are not the same as Social Security's Disability rules. Social Security allows you to test your ability to work for at least nine months while receiving full benefits. Trial work periods and extended periods of disability available through the Social Security Administration are not available through the Operating Engineers Pension Plan.

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